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Harmony Gardens Landscaping Inc. is a design-build-maintain company “creating harmonized spaces”. As a professional member in good standing with LO and CNLA we are committed to being environmentally sensitive, educating and promoting being Green for Life. We recognize that activities of our corporation could have a significant impact on the environment and thus we embrace our responsibility to minimize this impact and offer innovative solutions to protect and sustain the environment. We promote natural, organic principles and practices in our day to day operation.

Harmony Gardens Landscaping constructs rain gardens, xeriscaping, and landscape elements that provide diversion and infiltration of rainwater; storm water management; pondless water features; rain water harvesting; low impact development including use of permeable pavers, dry river beds for drainage, etc.

Calvin, owner operator of Harmony Gardens Landscaping has an extensive background in agriculture, property maintenance and landscape construction. He previously owned and operated Calvin Cross’ Certified Organic Plants and Produce. As a certified organic producer he demonstrated his environmental awareness and stewardship in meeting stringent organic production criteria. His agri-business expertise, his knowledge and practical skills in property maintenance and landscape construction based on sound scientific and environmental principles is of great benefit to his customers.

We promote harmony within the soil ecosystem as a foundation to healthy lawns, flowerbeds, gardens and properties. Our lawn and flowerbed care programs and services are based on soil testing and thorough assessments to ensure the appropriate individualized natural, organic lawn and bed care as required. Principals of sustainability are applied when we do hard and soft landscaping with regard to landscape design and planning, material selections, irrigation and water conservation, wastage avoidance of materials, water and energy, minimizing dust, noise and worksite disturbance with disposal of debris in an environmentally sound way such as recycling and composting. We work to maintain harmony and balance within the natural environment when we design-build-maintain.

Harmony Gardens Landscaping was recognized by CNLA in 2012 for their “Green for Life” initiatives. We are an award winning company receiving the reader’s choice awards: Diamond for landscaping and Platinum for property maintenance.


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