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Natural Impressions Landscaping is building a solid reputation for our sustainable landscaping projects all throughout Ottawa. Founded in 2009 by owner/operator, Andrew Burgess, the company specializes in design and creation of various sustainable landscapes.

Our specialty landscapes include “No-Mow” landscapes, AKA landscapes without the use of any grass, which in return means no lawn mowing. No-Mow landscapes are ideal for font yards and small space landscaping. Want to lower your carbon foot print and help fight climate change? No-Mow landscaping is a wonderful way to do just that.

Another style of gardens that we are very passionate about are biodiversity gardens. Biodiversity gardens are gardens that contain a mix of native perennials, shrubs, herbs and pollinators etc. to attract wildlife to the garden. Want to simply attract birds and butterflies to the garden? A biodiversity garden is a good place to start and can be customized to suit your tastes.

Last but not least are rain gardens. Rain gardens are shallow depressions that capture and hold rain water for 24-48 hours with the water then draining back into the soil. They are generally planted with Native species as well. They are designed with the intent to harvest and filter run off water that would typically head straight into our storm water systems. The native plants filter out pollutants from the water which allows the water to return to our aquifers in a clean fashion.

You can have the best off all 3 worlds and create a No-Mow landscape that is chalked full of native plants for biodiversity and functions as a rain garden as well.

Unfamiliar with or feeling intimidated by the gardens mentioned above? Feel free to contact us to discuss these lovely gardens in further detail. We’re all very friendly, approachable people here at Natural Impressions. We’d love the opportunity to educate you on the many benefits of sustainable landscaping and how they can benefit your health, wealth and the environment.

At Natural Impressions our goals, missions and visions align in that we are trying to reduce climate change and promote biodiversity within the landscape while having a lot of fun doing so, and at a price point that is fair to our customer base.

Natural Impressions Landscaping is based out of South East Ottawa. We are about a 2 minute drive from Findlay Creek Village. We service the general Ottawa area from Orleans to Nepean and will travel further to Kanata and Stittsville if a particular project ignites our passion.

We are extremely active in the landscape community and volunteer our time regularly at the Cancer Survivor’s Park, the Beechwood National Military Cemetery and many other charitable events. We are members of Landscape Ontario and the Better Business Bureau. Andrew (The owner/operator of Natural Impressions) has sat on the Landscape Ontario Ottawa Chapter Board of Directors in 2015. Andrew has helped out on the Education Committee, Day of Tribute Committee, as well as several other events. Andrew is a graduate of the Horticulture Technician program at Algonquin College.

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